Know Your Craps Rules

The game of craps is played in casinos around the world and is a simple way for two people to exchange their ‘wins’ by the chance of winning some more money. The first group to win a set amount of money ‘pass off’ the pot to the next until everyone has won their set amount of money. This is the basic street craps rules laid out in a very simple way. As the game has become more popular, its rules have been modified to accommodate the way people play the game and to make it more appealing to players.

craps rules

In the beginning, the only craps rules that anyone knew were the basic rules of card counting. The second craps rules that evolved were the minimum and maximum bets. This rule made it easier for craps players to work out the odds of winning. In the same way, the maximum bet allowed people to be more conservative and keep their bets low. Once these rules were put into place, people could now experiment with different strategies, such as those which involved betting large amounts at the beginning of the game. Of course, these strategies worked better than those that involved small bets throughout the game.

However, the biggest change to the game came when casino owners realized that there was potential money to be made from people spinning red or black balls. The American Heritage Dictionary defines a ‘craps wheel’ as ‘an inner chamber at the bottom of a casino table with a number of revolving bets on a number of cards, representing the odds of winning’. This terminology, borrowed from the lottery, was later adopted into craps rules. As the name suggests, the spinners on the craps wheels are the bets that are spun around the wheel.

The first roll of the craps game is known as the setup. At this point, players can place their bets as normal. The first roll may also be called the pass line bet and the second roll is known as the kick-off bet.

The first or pass line bet is taken when a player wants to place their bets on a card, without knowing if it will be the winning bet. When a player takes this bet, they immediately place their bets in the outer circle of the craps table (the pass circle) before any other players can place their bets on that same card. At this point, everyone has an equal opportunity to win the jackpot. If no player ends with a single card on their turn, or on their first roll, then the shooter becomes the new pass line and is allowed to place their bets before anyone else has theirs.

The second roll of the game is known as the kick-off bet. This is not considered a legal bet in many states, however, some cities do allow it. When the players place their bets for the first time, they must know the odds of winning, which will differ depending on whether it’s a winner or a loser. Therefore, players will need to consult a number of craps rules online to get the right odds. Most sites have detailed odds and betting lines for both the first and second rolls of the game, so players should look through them and understand what each scenario entails.